About Geopia

Geopia was formed in 2008 from the first names of the gallery’s two artists, Pia Sillem and George Connell. Some have asked why ‘Geopia’ and not ‘Piageo’ which has at least as sharp a bite to it; and the answer is simple. Where we live overlooking Agamemnon Channel and across from Nelson Island, is a truly special place. We have always found it to be extraordinarily grounding and a powerful centre in which to create and display our art. So ‘Geopia’ it became, because of the strong and earthy influence of where we live.

Geopia has much to recommend itself; beginning with the 17 cubic foot wood-fired kiln in which Pia and three other potters fire their creations, working studios, and a unique tower gallery in which to display and sell the work of both Pia and George. And lest we forget, the very popular hilltop gardens that people have raved about over the four years of its existence.

Pia and George look forward to greeting you at Geopia Gallery and Gardens. Our hours of operation are erratic at this time, but if you phone ahead and give us time to arrange your visit, we will make sure we’re home and the kettle is on.